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With CarFinance Plan you are free to finance any car from any reputable dealership across the UK.

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We are only car finance broker for customers with bad credit. We partner with specialist lenders helping customers with bad credit.

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Applying for a vehicle loan will not affect your credit score as we use soft credit search for your instant quote.

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We don’t charge you any fees. If you apply before 12pm, you can collect your new vehicle same day.

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Are you looking for car finance with provisional license? We could finance your car with provisional license as well.

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Bad credit car finance

  • No deposit needed
  • We’v got access to specialist lenders who help customers with bad credit
  • CCJs, defaults, IVAs? We can help
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  • Self-employed customers welcome

‘Bad’ on your credit profile would mean be that you might have struggled to maintain your debt repayments in the past. This could also mean that you might have had late repayments or defaults and lenders view your credit profile as ‘high risk’.

Having bad credit in the past does not mean that you cannot be accepted for a car loan today. Even if you’ve had CCJs, defaults, been refused elsewhere or you have no credit history, we will search our panel of lenders and find the most appropriate car loan option for you.

What are your options?

If you’re struggling to get a car loan because of your credit score, there are other ways to purchase the car of your dreams while spreading the payment over a period of time.

Personal loan

A personal loan isn’t specifically a car finance option, but with cash in your bank account, you’re free to choose any car from any dealer or even a private seller.

Guarantor loan

With a guarantor loan, a relative or friend co-signs the loan agreement. If you miss a payment, or can’t repay the loan, your guarantor will have the liability to do that.

HP agreement

In a hire purchase (HP) agreement, you hire the vehicle from the finance company while paying the purchase price off in full in monthly instalments. You own the car once all payments have been made. Because the car is your finance company’s property during the contract, they can take it away if you miss any payments.

No-deposit car finance with bad credit

When buying a car you may be asked by the lender or dealer to put a deposit down. At CarFinance Plan we can do 0% car finance, anything from £4,000 to £100,000. We have personal contract purchase (PCP) agreements and hire purchase (HP) finance that covers 100% of the car finance required.

Of course, 0% deposit finance inevitably means that in terms of both the sums being lent and the risks involved, the funds providers are going the extra mile to try and help you secure the vehicle. This means that your monthly repayments might be slightly higher.

To check your eligibility for no deposit car finance with bad credit, simply apply now to get a free no obligation quote.

Why you have been refused finance

There are many misconceptions about why a car finance provider refused a loan request.

Broadly speaking, many of those misconceptions relate to the idea that the organisation concerned has decided you are not trustworthy due to your previous “financial behaviours”.

In fact, there may be a very significant number of far more mundane reasons why you have been turned down. These might include:

  • You are not on the electoral register – something that is used by many companies to check your identity and proof of address;
  • You have had a recent history of multiple different addresses, leading to the same potential problem as mentioned above;
  • The company approached believes that your income is insufficient to enable you to confidently be able to cope with the repayments. Note that they are legally obliged to make these judgments. The law and their investigations in this respect exist for your protection;
  • The lender reviewed the vehicle and cost quoted for it, deciding that it is not commensurate with market values – usually meaning you are being asked to pay far too much for it.

Of course, if you do have things such as County Court Judgments (CCJs), IVAs and a history of loan defaults on your credit history files, that may well have been a very major factor in you being turned down.

Car loan acceptance with CCJ

If you’ve got bad credit and are struggling to get accepted for a car loan, this might be due to one of these:

  • IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) or DMP (Debt Management Plan)
  • CCJ (County Court Judgement)
  • Defaults on previous or current loans or finance agreements
  • Bankruptcy

Some lenders won’t accept your application if you are in any of these categories because they don’t want to risk lending to customers who might have a record of late or missed payments.

At CarFinance Plan, we are experts in providing car loans for those who have bad or poor credit. As a poor credit car finance provider, we can arrange car loans for those who struggle with other brokers and lenders. We understand that your past may not be the best reflection of your financial situation now, so we will consider all circumstances when you apply.

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